Friday, February 28, 2014

This is the limited edition fantasy Dreadfleet game that was released in fall or winter of 2012 by Games Workshop. When first release, I was just amazed how much detail that these miniatures had on them. Plus I always wanted to know what the fantasy ships look liked in GW's Warhammer world. Because of other projects, I was not able to get around to paint them until now. Painting them was very challenging because the detail was so darn close to each other. Over all, I'm am very happy that I bought this when the game first came out.  There where some things I wish that Games Workshop would of put such as the Dark Elf ship. 
The Alliance Fleet 
The Heldenhammer
Captain: Jaego Roth

The Swordfish
Captain: Aranessa Saltspite

The Flaming Scimitar
Captain: The Golden Magus

Grimnir's Thunder
Captain: Red Brokk

The Seadrake
Captain: Prince Yrellian 

The DreadFleet
The Bloody Reaver
Captain: Count Noctilus 

The Curse of Zandri
Captain Amanhotep 

The Shadewraith
Captain: Vangheist

The Black Kraken
Captain: Tordrek Hackhart

Captain: Rat Lord Skretch


Monday, January 20, 2014

These are my kitbahes I made for my Centauri Fleet. They are into scale next to my monster Dreadnought.